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There are numerous cases in which politics have played a positive part in the history of sports. Like the famous example of the sporting boycott of South Africa during apartheid. But in many more cases politics are misused to force biased disputes between countries. There is a thin line between what’s lawful and what’s simply wrong. FERW aims to spot and prevent the abuse of power in the industry of sports.

FERW calls to stop targeting people for negative campaigns against Qatar 2022 World Cup

FIFA Ethics and Regulations Watch (FERW) condemns organizations targeting people to participate in negative campaigning against the World Cup in Qatar. Two former England international...

FERW calls on FIFA to stop 2022 World Cup expansion into Qatar’s neighbours

FIFA Ethics and Regulations Watch (FERW) strongly opposes FIFA's expansion of the World Cup matches into Qatar’s neighbours. The position adopted by the FIFA Council following...

FERW supports FIFA in keeping football apolitical

FIFA Ethics and Regulations Watch (FERW) strongly supports FIFA's stance on keeping football apolitical. In the past two weeks, the members of political parties Economic...

UAE’s entry refusal of Asian football Confederation Vice President is “Wrong”

Fifa Ethics and Regulations Watch (FERW) refuses the UAE’ entry denial of Saoud AL-Mohannadi, Vice President Asian football confederation, and Qatari Football Association and...

FERW Condemns Saudi Channel Piracy World Cup Matches In Russia And Demands FIFA Intervention

  Zurich- FIFA Ethics and Regulations Watch (FERW) denounced on Tuesday the alleged involvement of the Saudi TV channel (BeoutQ) in the piracy of the 2018...

FERW: FIFA must impose sanctions on UAE and Saudi Arabia

Zurich FIFA Ethics and Regulations Watch (FREW) called on Sunday for imposing sanctions on both the UAE and Saudi Arabia for their hostile behaviour towards...

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