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There are numerous cases in which politics have played a positive part in the history of sports. Like the famous example of the sporting boycott of South Africa during apartheid. But in many more cases politics are misused to force biased disputes between countries. There is a thin line between what’s lawful and what’s simply wrong. FERW aims to spot and prevent the abuse of power in the industry of sports.

Is Ronaldo’s Sports Deal With KSA Made To Cover Up Atrocities of violations and...

A human rights organization has confirmed that Saudi club Al-Nasr has made a deal to contract the famous Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo to represent...

10 Lessons from the World Cup

Now that the World Cup is over, we can take a step back and review the event in the round. Here are ten lessons we...

The need for Ethics Watching continues

Reports have been emerging over the weekend of a major scandal involving Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). Investigations are ongoing and information is obviously...

FERW applauds Iranian team spirit

As the Group Stage in the World Cup progresses, it's already starting to become clear which are the teams that are going through and...

“Qatar ruins footballers’ claims to be activists”: Times

A recent provocative opinion piece in the (London) Times challenges the reader. Will Lloyd writes of how footballers, formerly subjects of incessant and blistering tabloid...

Armband shows why politics should be kept off the pitch

The armband controversy has now become a PR disaster for those pursuing it, as the clear breach of rules that this entails has been...

Open letter to the Secretary of State

Before all eyes are drawn towards the World Cup in Qatar, we take the opportunity to here post as an open letter a note...

FERW letter to FIFA in the Daily Telegraph

FERW has written to FIFA, jointly signed with a senior backbench MP, inviting it to pursue a new and simple policy. It has the...

“Les sportifs sont-ils des politiques comme les autres?”

FERW spokesman Dr Lee Rotherham has joined commentators from across Europe as one of the talking heads on ARTE. The topic under discussion was...

Birmingham event on 3 October: a general invite

You are invited to attend a FERW public meeting on Monday 3rd October 14.45 - 15.45 "Do politics and football go together?" Speakers: James Sunderland MP, Mike Wood...

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