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FERW supports and encourages (sports related) companies to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility, on all aspects of society. A very large amount of world citizens is directly or indirectly involved with the sports industry. For this reason it is extra important that the corporations representing this industry set a positive example socially, economically as well and environmentally.

Stop treating fans like second class citizens and let us get back to watching...

BORIS JOHNSON needs to allow football clubs to break free from the capacity restrictions placed on them by remembering how much the sport contributes...

FIFA World Cup 2022 Revolutionizes Wellness

(ThriveGlobal) - Nestled in the Middle East and Islamic World is a peninsula on a peninsula, recognized for its blend of ancient Islamic designs integrated...

FERW: Croatian team should be punished for relation with fascist singer Marko Perkovic

Zurich, 4th October 2018 - FIFA Ethics and Regulations Watch (FERW) views with concern the appearance of the musician Marko Perkovic at the celebrations...

Qatar World Cup 2022: Workers have been left ‘unpaid’ – Amnesty International

Dozens of migrants working on the city that will host the final of the 2022 Qatar World Cup have gone unpaid for months, Amnesty...

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