While the football world holds its breath, the shadows of Manchester City’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) trial loom large. With no clear end in sight and a potential verdict lingering in summer 2025, FIFA Ethics and Regulations Watch (FERW) raises its voice, demanding a swift and transparent resolution to this unprecedented case.

The sheer scale of the accusations against City demands swift action. The club faces a staggering 115 charges spanning nearly a decade, from 2009 to 2018. Each day the trial drags on leaves a dark cloud of uncertainty hanging over players, fans, and the entire Premier League landscape.

FERW urges the Premier League to draw a stark contrast with the recent Everton saga. Despite facing similarly serious FFP violations, Everton received a swift 10-point deduction. The stark difference in pace between these two cases breeds skepticism and erodes public confidence in the league’s commitment to a level playing field.

Justice delayed is justice denied. The current timeframe is not only unacceptable but also perpetuates a climate of speculation and potential injustice. City deserves its day in court, but so does the entire footballing community, which needs a definitive conclusion to restore its faith in the integrity of the Premier League.

Beyond swiftness, transparency is paramount. FERW urges the Premier League to prioritise open communication with the public throughout the trial. Regular updates, not shrouded secrecy, are essential to maintain public trust and ensure a fair and legitimate outcome.

We strongly believe that football thrives on fair play and accountability. By prioritising a swift and transparent conclusion to the City trial, the Premier League can send a clear message that financial regulations matter and that no club operates above the law. Public confidence in the league and the level playing field it promises, hinges on this.

FERW calls on the Premier League to:

  • Ensure a swift and transparent conclusion to the Manchester City FFP trial.
  • Maintain open communication with the public throughout the process.
  • Guarantee clear accessibility of the final verdict.


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