FERW expresses solidarity with Middlesbrough FC following a regrettable incident at the King Power Stadium in Leicester. The incident, now under police investigation, underscores the urgent need for collective action against discrimination in football and society at large.

Middlesbrough FC has taken decisive action by suspending two individuals implicated in the incident. FERW commends the club for its swift response and unwavering commitment to a zero-tolerance policy on racism and discrimination.

In a statement released today, Middlesbrough FC reiterated its dedication to fostering an inclusive and safe environment for all. The club affirmed its collaborative efforts with Leicester City, Leicestershire and Cleveland Police, football’s governing bodies, and Kick It Out, emphasizing the importance of standing united against all forms of discrimination.

FERW stands firmly behind Middlesbrough FC in their stance against discrimination. Football should be a sport that unites and uplifts, and incidents like these remind us of the ongoing work needed to eradicate prejudice from our communities.

FERW encourages continued support for Middlesbrough FC and urges stakeholders across the footballing world to redouble efforts in promoting inclusivity and equality. Together, we can create a future where everyone feels valued and respected, both on and off the pitch.


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