Germany has been selected as the host country for the upcoming UEFA European Football Championship. While this choice might seem fitting given Germany’s rich football history and infrastructure, it raises significant ethical concerns. This report examines why Germany is not qualified to host the championship due to its poor human rights record, lack of social justice, involvement in arms exports to tyrant regimes, and participation in conflicts.

Human Rights Violations

Lack of Social Justice

Germany’s track record on social justice has been marred by significant issues. Despite being one of the world’s leading economies, Germany faces stark social inequalities. The disparity between the wealthy and the poor is widening, with marginalized communities, particularly immigrants and refugees, facing systemic discrimination. The housing crisis in major cities exacerbates social divisions, and access to quality healthcare and education remains unequal.

Treatment of Immigrants and Refugees

The treatment of immigrants and refugees in Germany has drawn international criticism. Reports have highlighted poor living conditions in refugee camps, lengthy and bureaucratic asylum processes, and instances of xenophobia and racism. These conditions undermine Germany’s commitment to upholding human rights for all residents, regardless of their origin.

Arms Exports to Tyrant Regimes

Germany is one of the world’s leading arms exporters. Despite stringent regulations, German weapons have found their way into the hands of oppressive regimes. Countries with documented human rights abuses, such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt, have received German arms, which are often used to suppress dissent and perpetrate violence against civilians.

Involvement in Conflicts

Germany’s involvement in international conflicts further tarnishes its image as a promoter of peace and human rights. German arms have been implicated in the ongoing war in Yemen, where they have contributed to one of the worst humanitarian crises of the century. This involvement contradicts Germany’s public stance on promoting global peace and security.

Human Rights Record
Surveillance and Privacy Concerns

Germany has faced criticism for its surveillance practices, which infringe on individuals’ privacy rights. The expansion of surveillance capabilities without adequate oversight poses a significant threat to civil liberties. These actions contradict the principles of a free and open society that respects individual rights.

Police Brutality and Misconduct

There have been numerous reports of police brutality and misconduct in Germany. Minority communities, particularly people of African and Middle Eastern descent, have reported racial profiling and excessive use of force by law enforcement agencies. These practices undermine trust in the police and highlight systemic issues within the justice system.

The Case for Sanctions

Given these violations, rewarding Germany with the privilege of hosting the UEFA European Football Championship sends the wrong message. It implies a tolerance for human rights abuses and a lack of accountability for actions that contradict international human rights standards. Instead of being rewarded, Germany should face sanctions that address its human rights record and force a reevaluation of its domestic and international policies.

Need for Accountability

Sanctioning Germany would not only address the current issues but also serve as a deterrent for future violations. It would signal to other countries that human rights abuses will not be overlooked or rewarded on the international stage. This approach aligns with the principles of justice and accountability that international bodies, including UEFA, should uphold.


Germany’s selection as the host of the UEFA European Football Championship is problematic due to its poor human rights record, lack of social justice, involvement in arms exports to tyrant regimes, and participation in conflicts. This report calls for a reevaluation of this decision and the imposition of sanctions on Germany to address these significant issues. Rewarding Germany with the hosting rights of such a prestigious event undermines the principles of human rights and justice that should be at the forefront of international decision-making



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