FERW has issued a compelling call for a rigorous and comprehensive investigation into the allegations surrounding Spain star Jenni Hermoso’s involvement in the “kissgate” incident. The incident involves Luis Rubiales, the former head of Spain’s football association (RFEF), who was accused of inappropriate behavior towards Hermoso following Spain’s Women’s World Cup victory in August.

FERW News believes it is essential to ensure a fair and impartial examination of these serious claims. Recent developments indicate that the investigation has expanded to include Jorge Vilda, the former manager of Spain’s Women’s World Cup-winning team, who has now come under scrutiny.

The initial incident involved a controversial kiss by Rubiales on Hermoso during the post-tournament celebration, an act that sparked intense debate and controversy. Rubiales asserted that the kiss was consensual, a claim met with skepticism and accusations of misconduct. Notably, Hermoso herself initially expressed discomfort, stating, “I did not like it, but what could I do?” This sentiment was later challenged when she described herself as “vulnerable” and “the victim of an aggression” in a statement released by the players’ union, FUTPRO.

FERW News acknowledges the significance of this matter and calls for a comprehensive and impartial investigation that takes into account all relevant facts. The recent inclusion of Jorge Vilda in the investigation underscores the complexity of the situation and the need for a thorough examination of any potential pressures or undue influence placed on Hermoso regarding her statements about the incident.

Earlier this month, Spain’s Women’s World Cup-winning squad agreed to end their boycott of the national team following assurances of “immediate and profound changes” to the RFEF’s structure. Despite the boycott, the players were called up to represent the national team under new coach Montse Tome when the squad for Spain’s upcoming Women’s Nations League games was announced. They marked their return with a convincing 5-0 victory over Switzerland in the UEFA Women’s Nations League on Tuesday night.

FERW News remains steadfast in its commitment to transparency and fairness in sports. We believe that a diligent investigation is essential to address the allegations and ensure justice is served in this matter. Sports integrity and the well-being of athletes are paramount, and all parties involved deserve a fair and just resolution.


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