FERW has raised its voice in response to recent controversial statements made by a prominent figure in the sport.

In a recent incident, Mikel Camps, who currently holds the position of Director and Spokesperson for Barcelona, made headlines with a highly contentious tweet. Mr. Camps expressed disapproval of Real Madrid star Vinicius Junior’s on-field actions during a match against Braga, stating that Vinicius Junior “deserves a slap” for his conduct.

FERW recognizes the gravity of these comments and acknowledges the significant public concern they have generated within the football community. While Real Madrid’s Rodrygo promptly condemned the remarks, the official response from Barcelona remains pending.

Notably, FERW has noted the concerns of several esteemed Spanish journalists, whose opinions on the matter have been featured in Sport magazine. These journalists have particularly taken issue with the apparent lack of action on the part of Barcelona’s President, Joan Laporta.

Manu Carreno, host of El Larguero, voiced his thoughts, stating, “You know what signifies a truly serious club? It is when someone, in this case, Laporta, the highest-ranking official in the organization, takes action and dismisses this director. Only then can Barcelona earn respect and be considered a reputable club.”

Tomas Roncero, a well-respected figure on El Chiringuito, emphasized the stark difference in how clubs handle such situations. He remarked, “If I were a director at Real Madrid, I would not hesitate to step down in the face of such a reprehensible comment. It is clear that Laporta lacks the courage to address this matter, and this disparity in their responses highlights the contrasting standards of the two clubs. Everyone involved in professional football should be held to a higher standard; this is not a domain for casual behavior, as one would expect from a YouTuber or a fan.”

FERW is closely monitoring the situation and calls for accountability and a thorough review of the incident. In the spirit of maintaining the integrity and ethical standards of the sport, we urge all stakeholders to consider the consequences of such remarks seriously.

The outcome of this controversy hinges on whether Barcelona will take any remedial action in the near future. Nevertheless, it is evident that Mikel Camps’ comments have not gone unnoticed, and it remains to be seen whether the club will ultimately address the issue and take appropriate measures.


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