FIFA Ethics and Regulations Watch (FERW), strongly condemns the distressing incident of racial abuse that transpired during an Under-16s match, involving Liverpool Football Club and Juventus, in the Next Generation Trophy tournament held in Austria.

The incident came to light when a young player from Liverpool, whose identity remains confidential, courageously reported being subjected to racist abuse by an opposing player. In response, FERW commends the swift and commendable actions taken by Liverpool Football Club, tournament organizers, and the management of Juventus, who promptly identified and removed the individual responsible from the competition. Moreover, the imposition of additional disciplinary measures, including educational initiatives, showcases a collective commitment to eradicating such intolerable behavior from the beautiful game.

FERW acknowledges the maturity demonstrated by the affected player in adhering to established protocols and promptly reporting the incident, which in turn underscores the importance of creating a safe environment for all individuals, regardless of their background, to enjoy and participate in the sport they love.

While applauding the decisive steps taken to address this incident, FERW reiterates the imperative nature of continuous efforts to combat racism in football. Discrimination in any form has no place in the sport or society at large. The incident serves as a stark reminder that collective vigilance is necessary to ensure that football remains a platform for unity, diversity, and respect.

FERW stands in solidarity with the player who was subjected to this reprehensible abuse and expresses its unwavering support to Liverpool Football Club. The resolute condemnation of such incidents, as expressed by Liverpool, aligns with FERW’s core values and mission to uphold ethics, integrity, and inclusivity in football.

As an independent news organization, FERW remains dedicated to fostering a football environment that is free from discrimination, where players, officials, and fans can come together to celebrate the sport’s unifying spirit. The organization calls on all stakeholders in football to unite against racism and contribute to a future where incidents like this become relics of the past.


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