FIFA Ethics and Regulations Watch (FERW) strongly supports FIFA’s transfer ban on Chelsea, after the club has been found guilty of a serious and systemic breach of the rules regarding their dealings with overseas underage players.

According to FIFA’s investigation, out of 100 player cases, Chelsea had been charged with 92 breaches of article 19 – the most serious infringement relating to the registration of minors. The club was found guilty in 29 of those cases.

As a result, FIFA has fined both Chelsea and the Football Association. The club swiftly said they would appeal.

FIFA’s basic rule is that clubs cannot bring in players under 18 from other countries unless their parents have emigrated for reasons not connected to football or both the player and club are based within 50km of a national border. Under article 19, the only other exception is for transfers within either the European Union or European Economic Area where the player is aged between 16 and 18.

In light of this news, FERW calls on FIFA to adopt such standard worldwide.

Furthermore, FERW also calls on all football clubs to abide by FIFA regulations to help protect children from potential exploitation and trafficking.


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